Mariposa is a Singapore-based company that aims to delight the whole world with our fun and exciting products. Our products are conceptualized in Japan with maximum fun factor in mind, keeping them basic and yet advanced.

Some of our products include the Merlion Handphone Straps, Ballpoint Pens and the Actress Mirror. The Handphone Straps and Ballpoint pens are colorful items embellished with pretty ornaments, funky doodles and a cute Merlion figurine as the centerpiece while the Actress Mirror is one of the hottest products among Japanese girls now. Equipped with six LED lights, girls will be able to use this mirror to make themselves up conveniently in dark places. Our mirrors come with Mariposa’s original artwork and are available in different colors.

Mariposa products are available wholesale and are perfect as corporate gifts or promotional items etc. Contact us at info-AT-mariposa.sg for all enquiries.

About The Artist

An Osaka native, Yasuko Senshu’s highly advanced calligraphy skills, color sense and unique touch in her work appearing on posters, advertisements and magazines have been earning her rave reviews. Unconstrained by media forms or fields, Senshu has utilized paintbrushes and other new materials in her creations and participated in a wide variety of projects such as product packaging and architectural collaboration.